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The main goal of a root canal treatment is to save your tooth from being extracted. Remember that the more natural teeth you have when you’re older, the better.

Some of the advantages of getting a root canal with a Tijuana dentist are:

  • Pain-free comfortable procedure
    With the help of advanced techniques, years of experience, and anesthesia, you’ll have a painless and easygoing treatment.

  • Affordable
    Compared to your local dentist, root canal in Tijuana is much quicker and cost-efficient.

  • Esthetic results
    With the help of a crown, the restoration of your teeth can look beautiful and help you regain confidence.  

Essentially, this treatment will allow you to keep your natural smile, enabling you to have a much healthier and fulfilling lifestyle. You’ll be able to eat the foods you enjoy the most and keep your appearance at its best.


Our team of specialists is able to diagnose accurately and perform procedures with little to no invasion in your mouth during a tooth extraction.

When getting a tooth extraction in Tijuana, the procedure will depend on the type of extraction you’re trying to get:


Simple extraction:

When the tooth has emerged, and you can see it above the gumline. Your dentist simply applies anesthesia, loosens the tooth with an elevator tool, and pulls it out using forceps.

Surgical extraction:

When the tooth is not out yet, or if it broke right at the gum line, then your dentist will need to perform surgery. They’ll start by numbing the area with an anesthetic. Then, they’ll make a small incision in your gum to access the tooth and remove it.

Our dentists always make sure to perform any type of extraction in the less invasive way possible for your comfort and quick recovery.


Our kid’s dentist or pediatric dentist in Tijuana specializes in carrying out the prevention and treatment of all diseases related to children’s and adolescents’ chewing and tooth organs. Our dentists in Tijuana provide dental care the entire family, regardless of their age


Dentistry and pediatric dentistry are very similar—the significant difference between the two is in treating caries. Younger patients still have baby teeth which implies some modifications to the procedure.

Treating tooth decay is the most common dental problem among children due to the uncontrolled intake of foods with a high sugar concentration (such as candy). Protecting baby teeth, allowing permanent teeth to have a good environment, and other dental procedures are the specialty of pediatric dentistry.


*Keep in mind that is necessary to make an appointment.

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if you have made the decision to correct your crooked smile, come do something extraordinary with us. Our self-bondable braces are the best choice. We have fully clear braces or the traditional metallic braces.
Year after year, we have improved our techniques to provide the best possible satisfaction.
We also offer Invisalign®. These are the world’s most advanced clear aligners. They are better fitting and more comfortable and can treat many different types of problems.
The options for braces at Perio&Implants offer you quality results, a shorter consult, and most importantly, comfort for your teeth to allow the transition to a better smile to be as painless as possible.



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